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'The BNA is the organisation that brings together people from different disciplines who wouldn't otherwise talk to each other.'
Professor Dame Uta Frith, UCL - winner of the BNA's 'Outstanding Contribution to Neuroscience Award', 2013.

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News Archive for 2014

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August 2014

Targeted brain stimulation 'could aid stroke recovery'

21 Aug 2014 - Read More

University of Exeter in pioneering dementia study

20 Aug 2014 - Read More

How corpse brain scans help the living

19 Aug 2014 - Read More

Now it all adds up! Scientists take a peek into the human brain and discover how children learn mathematics skills

18 Aug 2014 - Read More

Fish-eaters may keep more gray matter in old age

15 Aug 2014 - Read More

Reduction of Tau Protein Improves Symptoms in Model of Severe Childhood Epilepsy

14 Aug 2014 - Read More

What can brain science bring to education?

13 Aug 2014 - Read More

PTSD Could Be Prevented With a Pill

12 Aug 2014 - Read More

Susan Greenfield: 'I've always marched to the beat of my own drum'

11 Aug 2014 - Read More

How wearable cameras can help those with Alzheimer's

10 Aug 2014 - Read More

Could Your Brain Be Reprogrammed to Work Better?

08 Aug 2014 - Read More

Low vitamin D 'boosts dementia risk'

07 Aug 2014 - Read More

A UK ban on animal tests

06 Aug 2014 - The Liberal Democrats ask whether there should be a ban on animal testing. Click on the link to have your say. Read More

Emotion 'affects desire to punish'

04 Aug 2014 - Read More

July 2014

Can Computing Keep up With the Neuroscience Data Deluge?

31 Jul 2014 - Read More

Do lab monkeys suffer from depression?

31 Jul 2014 - Read More

First Impressions Are Mostly Based on Your Face

30 Jul 2014 - Read More

Brain Region Linked to Pessimism

29 Jul 2014 - Read More

Inside the sensual world of the synaesthetes: 'I can smell a rainbow'

28 Jul 2014 - Read More

Can drugs deliver peak learning performance?

26 Jul 2014 - Read More

Researchers hope to identify new drug targets to treat brain tumours

25 Jul 2014 - Read More

Schizophrenia gene study: what we've learned is how little we know

25 Jul 2014 - Read More

'Casual attitude' to vCJD warning

24 Jul 2014 - Read More

Schools wake up to benefits of teenage lie-in

23 Jul 2014 - Read More

DNA hope on schizophrenia: Research breakthrough points at over 100 genes

22 Jul 2014 - Read More

Psychological treatments: A call for mental-health science

18 Jul 2014 - Read More

Stand-off in brain project debate

17 Jul 2014 - Read More

How Far Should Brain Researchers Go?

16 Jul 2014 - Read More

Dementia: ways to lower the risk

15 Jul 2014 - Read More

Animal procedures show small rise

14 Jul 2014 - Read More

Have scientists found a cure for Professor Stephen Hawking's motor neurone disease? Clinical trials as early as next year

13 Jul 2014 - Read More

Obesity Linked to Changes in Brain’s White Matter Structure—and Cognition

12 Jul 2014 - Read More

Cooling Treatment Improves Survival Without Brain Damage in Later Childhood

11 Jul 2014 - Read More

We could wipe memories of drug addicts, says top Cambridge neuroscientist

10 Jul 2014 - Read More

Similar memories benefit from 'extra space' in brain

09 Jul 2014 - Read More

Alzheimer's disease could be prevented after new blood test breakthrough

08 Jul 2014 - Read More

Scientists threaten to boycott €1.2bn Human Brain Project

07 Jul 2014 - Read More

Decline in trials for Alzheimer's disease

04 Jul 2014 - Read More

Digital Revolution exhibition shows major breakthroughs in neuroscience - including a game played only with your eyes

03 Jul 2014 - Read More

The Age Gauge: Older Fathers Having Children

02 Jul 2014 - Read More

June 2014

Deep Brain Stimulation May Improve Non-Motor Symptoms

30 Jun 2014 - Read More

Bionic technology helps man use the power of thought to move his paralysed hand

27 Jun 2014 - Read More

Neuroscience: The man who saw time freeze

26 Jun 2014 - Read More

Study Finds Learning by Repetition Impairs Recall of Details

25 Jun 2014 - Read More

Health experts attack ketamine plan to tackle depression

23 Jun 2014 - Read More

Charities put £100m into finding cure for dementia

21 Jun 2014 - Read More

Science A-Level shake-up could render practicals useless, claims leading academic

20 Jun 2014 - Read More

Sparking the nation's imagination with zombies and sensory delight

19 Jun 2014 - Read More

BBC uses facial coding to gauge audience reactions

18 Jun 2014 - Read More

Prof Colin Blakemore: Medical research defender knighted

16 Jun 2014 - Read More

Closed minds: the media and animal research

13 Jun 2014 - Read More

What do you want to know about sleep? Neuroscientists answer your questions

12 Jun 2014 - Read More

Unusual duo wax lyrical on mental health

11 Jun 2014 - Read More

Rats are capable of feeling regret, scientists say

10 Jun 2014 - Read More

Funding windfall rescues abandoned stem-cell trial

08 Jun 2014 - Read More

Nobel scientists protest over research funding

07 Jun 2014 - Read More

Blood pressure 'link' to dementia

06 Jun 2014 - Read More

Regulating Brain Activity to Improve Attention

05 Jun 2014 - Read More

5 brain challenges we can overcome in the next decade

04 Jun 2014 - Read More

Leptin's Effects

03 Jun 2014 - Read More

Offer vegetables early and often to fussy toddlers, study says

02 Jun 2014 - Read More

May 2014

Eisai's Outstanding Contribution to Neuroscience Research and Entrepreneurship Honoured by University College London (UCL)

31 May 2014 - Read More

Name that tune! Scientists find the part of the brain that lets us recognise music

30 May 2014 - Read More

Taste has nothing to do with the bumpiness of your tongue, say scientists

29 May 2014 - Read More

Nature Comment - Mental health: A road map for suicide research and prevention

29 May 2014 - Read More

The 'alien in our backyard': Researchers find sea creature that can regrow its brain in less than four days

28 May 2014 - Read More

The Economist - Recreational drug use: New highs

28 May 2014 - As traditional drugs lose their lure, novel ones are filling the gap in the market Read More

Brain's visual system also processes sound

27 May 2014 - Read More

Why children can't see what's right in front of them

26 May 2014 - Read More

Letter: Animals in medical research

24 May 2014 - Read More

Anorexia and recurrent depression as deadly as smoking: study

23 May 2014 - Read More

Nerves of Endearment: How a Gentle Touch Affects Emotions (Op-Ed)

22 May 2014 - Read More

Still much to learn about mice

21 May 2014 - Read More

The amazing moment scientists restore movement to paralysed hand

20 May 2014 - Read More

Mind-Reading Brain Scanner Can Retrieve Images From Human Memory

19 May 2014 - Read More

Germany should follow the United Kingdom’s lead and spell out the benefits of animal research.

16 May 2014 - Read More

New headway in battle against neurodegenerative diseases

15 May 2014 - Read More

Are you getting enough sleep?

14 May 2014 - Read More

Lucid dreaming can be induced by electric scalp stimulation, study finds

12 May 2014 - Read More

'Baby brain' really does exist, say scientists

08 May 2014 - Read More

Depression treatment technique uses new helmet therapy

07 May 2014 - Read More

Unfit adults have poorer memories

06 May 2014 - Read More

The difficult task of reading the brain

05 May 2014 - Read More

Lives 'left in ruin’ by rising tide of depression drugs

02 May 2014 - Read More

Tell-tail MRI image diagnosis for Parkinson's disease

01 May 2014 - Read More

April 2014

Male researchers stress out rodents

30 Apr 2014 - Read More

Chancellor of the Exchequer’s speech on science in Cambridge

30 Apr 2014 - 'A key part of our economic plan is our long term plan for science', said the Chancellor at the Laboratory of Molecular Biology. Read More

New national chronic pain centre

30 Apr 2014 - Substantial progress has been made to improve care for people suffering from chronic pain, Health Secretary Alex Neil said today. Read More

Hi-tech system developed in Wales designed to support clinical trials for cell therapy and regenerative medicine

30 Apr 2014 - A unique blend of software and hardware technology has been developed in Wales by Bridgend-based TrakCel to support the rapidly emerging cell therapy and regenerative medicine sector. Read More

Scientists create circuit board modelled on the human brain

29 Apr 2014 - Read More

Genetic Brain Disorder Explained

28 Apr 2014 - Read More

White matter might matter much more than we thought

25 Apr 2014 - Read More

Some Astronauts at Risk for Cognitive Impairment, Animal Studies Suggest

24 Apr 2014 - Read More

Neuroscientists discover brain circuits involved in emotion

23 Apr 2014 - Read More

Does Brain Training Work?

22 Apr 2014 - Read More

Finding Turns Neuroanatomy on Its Head

21 Apr 2014 - Read More

Multiple sclerosis and 'miracle cures': sometimes it's the hope that'll kill you

18 Apr 2014 - Read More

Neuroscientists Disprove Idea About Brain Eye Coordination

17 Apr 2014 - Read More

PET scans could predict extent of recovery from brain injury, trials shows

16 Apr 2014 - Read More

Traces of Trauma in Sperm RNA

14 Apr 2014 - Read More

Early Neural Wiring for Smell Persists

11 Apr 2014 - Read More

Memory Accuracy and Strength Can Be Manipulated During Sleep

10 Apr 2014 - Read More

Potential Link Between Brain Development and Breast Cancer Gene

09 Apr 2014 - Read More

Boris Johnson launches £4 million bid to exploit life sciences 'golden triangle' linking London with Cambridge and Oxford

09 Apr 2014 - Read More

Brain ‘15-second delay’ shields us from hallucinogenic experience

08 Apr 2014 - Read More

Light Activated Neurons from Stem Cells Restore Function to Paralysed Muscles

07 Apr 2014 - Read More

Ketamine 'exciting' depression therapy

04 Apr 2014 - Read More

Mapping Gene Expression in the Fetal Brain

03 Apr 2014 - Read More

Metals on our Mind

02 Apr 2014 - A dramatic loss of copper in key brain regions may be central to Alzheimer’s disease. Could restoring metals in the brain help? Read More

Trust the “trust hormone”? Oxytocin can increase deceit

01 Apr 2014 - Read More

March 2014

Dundee scientists make 'missing link' find on Parkinson's disease

31 Mar 2014 - Read More

Linking Neurons to Behaviours

28 Mar 2014 - Read More

Patches of Cortical Layers Disrupted During Early Brain Development in Autism

27 Mar 2014 - Read More

Research produces strong evidence for new class of antidepressant drugs

26 Mar 2014 - Read More

Science uncovers gene linked to low IQ in children

25 Mar 2014 - Read More

Protein Protects Aging Brain

20 Mar 2014 - Read More

Lost sleep leads to loss of brain cells, study suggests

19 Mar 2014 - Read More

How a Small Worm May Help the Fight Against Alzheimer’s

17 Mar 2014 - Read More

Genes For Hearing Linked With Musical Aptitude

13 Mar 2014 - Read More

Researchers Increase and Decrease Pain Sensitivity Using Light

12 Mar 2014 - Read More

Blood test that can predict Alzheimer's: Elderly could be given early warning

11 Mar 2014 - Read More

More Mutations in Girls with Autism

06 Mar 2014 - A greater number of genetic mutations among autistic girls, compared to their male counterparts, suggests that the female brain can better handle such variations. Read More

Smoking Could Alter Teens’ Brain Structure

04 Mar 2014 - Read More

Research Reveals First Glimpse of a Brain Circuit That Helps Experience Shape Perception

03 Mar 2014 - For the first time, scientists monitor inhibitory neurons that link sense of smell with memory and cognition in mice. Read More

February 2014

Making New Spinal Neurons

27 Feb 2014 - The spinal cord cannot make new neurons during adulthood, so if its supply is destroyed by disease or injury, the loss is permanent. But Zhida Su and his colleagues at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center have found a way to potentially solve this problem, at least in mice. Read More

Scientists investigate possible link between pregnant women taking paracetamol and the risk of ADHD

26 Feb 2014 - Children of mothers who take paracetamol during pregnancy may be at a higher risk of developing attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), a study has found. Read More

Preventing Fear: Scientists identify hippocampal neurons involved in encoding fear in mice.

25 Feb 2014 - Inhibitory interneurons in the hippocampus, a brain region involved in memory, help ensure the formation of neutral memories in the face of an unrelated, fearful event, according to a study published last week in Science. Read More

Cutting back on fry-ups 'reduces risk of dementia': Study finds compounds in bacon and eggs are linked with the disease

25 Feb 2014 - Cutting back on fry ups could cut your risk of dementia, according to new research. A ‘compelling’ study has linked compounds found in fried meat and eggs with one of the hallmarks of Alzheimer’s disease. Bacon is particularly problematic and the suspect chemicals are also found in many cakes, biscuits and pastries. Read More

Scientists Begin Looking at Programmers' Brains: The Neuroscience of Programming

24 Feb 2014 - Programming is a deeply complex but relatively new human activity. Its young age has lent itself to countless battles and hotly debated topics that despite the many compelling arguments presented, we seemingly have no definitive answers for. All that is about to change: An international team of scientists lead by Dr. Janet Siegmund is using brain imaging with fMRI to understand the programmer's mind. Understanding the brain offers us the chance to distill these complex issues into fundamental answers. Read More

Brain scans of jazz musicians unveil language and music similarities

22 Feb 2014 - By scanning the brains of improvising jazz musicians, researchers at Johns Hopkins University have found that the brain interprets music and language in a similar way. Read More

Human and dog brains both have dedicated 'voice areas'

21 Feb 2014 - The first study to compare brain function between humans and any non-primate animal shows that dogs have dedicated voice areas in their brains, just as people do. Dog brains, like those of people, are also sensitive to acoustic cues of emotion, according to a new study. Read More

Monkey Mind Control

20 Feb 2014 - A study published in Nature Communications this week reveals how the brain activity of one monkey dictated movements of a second, sedated animal. This could provide insight for how thoughts might be translated into movement of paralyzed patients. Read More

First biomarker could help boys at risk of major depression

19 Feb 2014 - British brain scientists have identified the first biomarker, or biological signpost, for clinical depression and say it could help find boys in particular who are at risk of developing the debilitating mental illness. Read More

Why Does the Brain Remember Dreams?

18 Feb 2014 - Some people recall a dream every morning, whereas others rarely recall one. A team led by Perrine Ruby, an Inserm Research Fellow at the Lyon Neuroscience Research Center, has studied the brain activity of these two types of dreamers in order to understand the differences between them. Read More

Is Ultrasonic Brain Stimulation The Future?

10 Feb 2014 - A paper just out in Nature Neuroscience proposes a new tool for neuroscientists who want to stimulate the brain – ultrasound. Read More

Mechanisms of the Munchies

10 Feb 2014 - Mouse study investigates the role of cannabinoid type-1 receptors in hunger, olfaction, and food intake. Read More

'No target' in UK animal tests plan

08 Feb 2014 - The UK government has launched its delivery plan to replace, refine and reduce the use of animals in research - known as "the 3Rs". Read More

Schizophrenia: Talking therapies 'effective as drugs'

07 Feb 2014 - Changing the way people think about and deal with schizophrenia could be as effective as drugs, say researchers. Read More

Human Tissue Authority: Ensuring smooth brain and spinal cord donation

07 Feb 2014 - In collaboration with the MRC UK Brain Bank Network, the Human Tissue Authority (HTA) has published guidance on brain and spinal cord donation. Read More

Brain responds to tiniest speech details

05 Feb 2014 - Scientists begin to unravel how neurons recognize specific language sounds. Read More

Study focuses on development and spread of Alzheimer's disease throughout the brain

05 Feb 2014 - The development of Alzheimer's disease and the way it spreads throughout the brain will be the focus of a pioneering study conducted at Aston University (UK). Read More

The False Memory Archive: Did that really happen?

04 Feb 2014 - We think our recollections are reliable, but research shows that all of us are susceptible to false memories. Read More

FREE link for a month! CNS drug development in Europe - Past progress and future challenges

04 Feb 2014 - Elsevier's Neurobiology of Disease are offering a free link for one month to view CNS drug development in Europe - Past progress and future challenges by past BNA-President David Nutt and Jim Attridge...... Read More

Call for applications: 2014 L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science UK & Ireland Fellowships

03 Feb 2014 - L’Oréal UK & Ireland, the UK National Commission for UNESCO and the Irish National Commission for UNESCO, with the support of the Royal Society have partnered together to provide a dedicated UK & Ireland For Women in Science fellowship programme for women scientists at post-doctoral level to enable and/or facilitate promising scientific research in the life and physical sciences. Read More

January 2014

Why Oxford scientists are experimenting on monkeys

29 Jan 2014 - The macaque in front of me has a choice. Two differently coloured images have been slid in front of her cage. Read More

Banned pesticide DDT may raise risk of Alzheimer's disease

28 Jan 2014 - The pesticide DDT was banned in Britain nearly 30 years ago but researchers have discovered people with Alzheimer's disease have much higher levels in their bloodstream. Read More

How does the brain create sequences?

27 Jan 2014 - When you learn how to play the piano, first you have to learn notes, scales and chords and only then will you be able to play a piece of music. The same principle applies to speech and to reading, where instead of scales you have to learn the alphabet and the rules of grammar. Read More

Why night shift and jet lag make you feel so bad

21 Jan 2014 - Working nightshift or struggling to get over jet lag prevent genes in the body from switching on at their natural times and could suppress the immune system, scientists believe. Read More

Support understanding of animal research

20 Jan 2014 - Understanding Animal Research is now supported by individuals as well as organisations. If you want to take an active role in showing why animals are necessary in research, then being a supporter is for you. Read More

Brain blow leaves life-long dangers

17 Jan 2014 - Injuries to the head can leave victims susceptible to early death even years later through impaired judgement, a major analysis of survivors shows Read More

The Most Important Brain in the History of Neuroscience

16 Jan 2014 - In his forthcoming book The Tale of the Dueling Neurosurgeons, Sam Kean details the surprising history of the human brain. A look at how one royal mind opened the door for all of science to come.... Read More

Science Council name 100 leading UK practising scientists

16 Jan 2014 - Science Council challenges UK’s narrow and old fashioned view of science by releasing a list of the country’s 100 leading practising scientists including many well-know names and faces amongst the neuroscience community........ Read More

Coffee may boost brain's ability to store long-term memories, study claims

13 Jan 2014 - People who had caffeine after looking at images apparently better at distinguishing them from similar ones the next day Read More

Neuroscience study uncovers new player in obesity

09 Jan 2014 - A new neuroscience study sheds light on the biological underpinnings of obesity. The in vivo study, published in the January 8 issue of the Journal of Neuroscience, reveals how a protein in the brain helps regulate food intake and body weight. Read More

Stimulating brain with light may stop binge drinking

08 Jan 2014 - Using light to stimulate neurons stops rats from binge drinking, according to a new study which could lead to new treatments for alcoholism, neurological and mental illnesses. Read More

Brain scientists to work with schools on how to learn

07 Jan 2014 - A £6m fund has been launched to make better use of neuroscience in classrooms in England Read More

£2m bid to cut brain disease toll across Yorkshire

06 Jan 2014 - LEADING doctors and scientists are launching a major multi-million-pound appeal to create a world-class centre of excellence in Yorkshire for research into brain diseases. Read More

BBC Radio 4: The Musical Brain

03 Jan 2014 - Claudia Hammond from BBC 4's All in the Mind programme takes a musical journey inside the brain featuring BNA's Christmas symposium 'The Musical Brain'. Read More

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