Funded PhD Studentships: MIBTP (Warwick, Birmingham, Leicester, Aston, Harper Adams)

Closing Date
12 Jan 2020

Midlands Integrative Biosciences Training Partnership

MIBTP is a BBSRC funded Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP) between the University of Warwick the University of Birmingham, the University of Leicester, Aston University and Harper Adams University.

All MIBTP scholars will join a programme of skills training in year 1. Applicants are required to select an area of study (Sustainable Agriculture and Food, Understanding the Rules of Life, Renewable Resources and Clean Growth or Integrated Understanding of Health) but may join the programme with or without selecting a preferred project. Part of the skills training programme includes short rotation projects and students are able to choose a PhD project once they have experienced these differing research environments.

The 'Understanding the Rules of Life' Theme includes many neuroscience projects, please click here to view them.

Neuroscience & Behaviour project titles include:

  • The neural and physiological mechanisms of conscious experience
  • How does the brain make decisions when faced with conflicting options?
  • Discovery and modelling of common molecular mechanisms disrupting hearing in genetic mutations associated with hearing loss
  • Evaluating motor and cognitive function through gaze-control technology
  • How do aquaporin water channels control the flow of water into and out of brain cells?
  • Network maladaptation in response to neuronal injury
  • Identification of pathways deregulating neuronal ELAV/Hu RNA binding proteins in neurodegeneration
  • Investigating the influence of myelin plasticity on neural circuit function
  • Understanding neuroplasticity counteracting brain ageing