Closing Date
19 Aug 2022

Job Description

Job overview

Neuroscience Critical Care is a referral centre for neurology, stroke and neurosurgical patients from across the London area and Nationally. Your role will be to be an integral part of the team, assisting with the delivery of care to patients who require intensive and high dependency care in an acute, dynamic setting. Previous experience as a healthcare assistant in and acute hospital setting is essential. We look after complex neuroscience patients with a wide range of conditions. Many patients are on ventilators, have many drips and drains, and need to be closely monitored. There is a multi-disciplinary approach to high quality care, the healthcare assistants work alongside the registered nurses to deliver high quality care to the patient, in the context of their family.

Main duties of the job

The role is focused on direct care to patients with complex neuromedical conditions or following emergency and elective neuro/spinal surgery and thrombectomy/neuro radiological procedures. Most patients require ventilation and specialist/ invasive monitoring and haemofiltration/Plasma exchange. Due to the underlying conditions patients can be agitated, confused, have limited mobility or paralysis. The role of the healthcare assistant is to support patients at the bedside, assist with mobilisation, personal care and provision of fluids and nutrition. You will be part of the team delivering direct patient care with support and direction from registered nurses and therapist. You will be supported by a senior nurse in charge on each shift and there is an education team to support your learning and development in the area.

Working for our organisation

The National Hospital is a specialist hospital and part of UCLH NHS Trust. It is a dedicated centre for patients with a wide range of neurology, neurosurgical and spinal conditions. There is a good team spirit across the site and a focus on staff support and development. We adhere to our trust values of safety, kindness, teamwork, improving and strive to deliver high quality care across the hospital and wider trust.

In the Neuroscience Critical Care unit you will be supported by a Line Manager Band 7 and part of a dedicated team. The teams work together during team weekends and staff team days allow for training and team building. There is the opportunity to progress to a band 3 role within the department.

We look after our patients in the context of their family and friends and ensure regular communication, ascertaining the patient's wishes and ensuring family involvement in decision making.

Detailed job description and main responsibilities

The essential elements of the role are as follows:

  • Assist in providing care to the patient with support and direction from trained nurses
  • Assist patients with activities of daily living and provide personal care
  • Act as an advocate for the patient, providing information and directing them to the relevant support services where appropriate
  • Respect people's dignity, wishes and beliefs; involve them in shared decision-making and obtain their consent before undertaking procedures
  • Participate in the promotion and maintenance of effective communication with the patient and their carer(s)
  • Support visitors to the area, meet and greet and ensure correct PPE.
  • Assist awake patients with communication vis "blue jeans" and facetime with their friends and family
  • Develop communication skills in order to convey complex and sensitive information effectively to patients, carers and other staff, overcoming any barriers to understanding and providing support during distressing or emotional events.
  • Assist with patient mobility and work with therapists, trained staff to hoist/transfer patients out of beds or onto tilt table
  • Assist patients with eating and drinking adhering to instructions from speech therapy and plan of care
  • Support agitated patients and patients with delirium ensuring their safety and providing a calm reassuring presence at the bedside
  • Maintain patient confidentiality
  • Be aware of own personal/professional limitations and seek help of others to maintain safe practice.
  • Ensure infection control practices are maintained
  • To promote a tidy, organised and clean environment and reporting any issues
  • Report any issues at work that may put health, safety and security of staff, patients and visitors at risk
  • Summon immediate help for any emergency and take appropriate action
  • Clean patient equipment and bed areas as required
  • Handle and dispose of all body fluids in accordance with universal precautions

Person specification

Knowledge and Experience

Essential criteria

  • Experience within an hospital setting with exposure to patients and visitors
  • Good standard of written and spoken English

We are committed to ensuring that no job applicant or employee receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy or maternity, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation or is disadvantaged by requirements that cannot be justified.

Further Information

*No specific closing date, the advertisment will close once the position is filled* 

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