Neurobiology curator

Vacancy Reference Number
Closing Date
26 Oct 2020
Monthly salary starting at £2,540.35 after tax
EMBL-EBI, Hinxton, UK
1 year 9 months

Job details

This is an opportunity to help build innovative new systems that enable biologists access the fruits of the single cell revolution in neurobiology.

New techniques allow profiling of gene expression, morphology, connectivity and function across massive numbers of cells, allowing us to understand the nature of brain cell types in unprecedented detail.  We are working on this project with the Allen Brain Institute in Seattle, which is at the forefront of this work, to develop a system for sharing their data-driven classifications of brain cells in a broadly accessible form.  This system will include links back to the original data and to systems that other scientists can use to classify cell types from their own data.

You will work collaboratively with members of our consortium in the US and UK, along with experts at the Allen Brain Institute to integrate and extend a variety of existing ontologies (queryable classifications) of neuroanatomy and neurons types. This work will provide essential anatomical, phenotypic and general cell-type context for data-driven cell-type definitions. Moreover, you will have to curate taxonomies of new cell types, derived from transcriptomic data, into our knowledge base and using these taxonomies to define new cell type ontology terms. Another role is to develop and apply new neuron type nomenclatures.


  • A Masters degree or PhD in biological sciences
  • A research background in mammalian neurobiology and/or single-cell transcriptomics.
  • Basic scripting abilities, ideally in Python.
  • A good understanding of single-cell transcriptomics and related analysis techniques.
  • Experience of working in a unix environment.
  • Familiarity with ontologies.
  • Biocuration experience.

How to apply

To apply please submit a covering letter and CV through our online system: