Neuroscience Researcher - Metabolight Ltd

Vacancy Reference Number
Closing Date
28 Feb 2022
£32,000.00-£45,000.00 per year

Company description

Metabolight Ltd is a spin out company of Prof. Tachtsidis, focusing in developing, supporting and advising in the use of optical methodologies to image the brain.

Job description

Title: Development and Application of NeuroImaging Methods in Naturalistic Settings

Introduction: We are inviting applications for an exciting new opportunity in Prof. Tachtsidis ( company MetaboLight Ltd to develop and apply fNIRS technologies (an optical neuroimaging method) in human adults to investigate colour imagery. We are a multidisciplinary group of engineers, physicists, psychologists and neuroscientist working in developing novel neuroimaging methods and further the understanding of brain function in naturalistic settings. Join our research hub and collaboration between UK (London, Ashford-Kent) – France and be involved in a state-of-the-art science field of brain imaging in ecological/out of the laboratory settings. The research work will establish the fundamental principles towards the use of portable/wearable fNIRS neuroimaging solutions for characterising the behavioural effects/responses of different type of activations generated by colour patterns, single colours, words or pictures; and map these to cortical locations. This will allow to generate and establish specific patterns/markers of activation that can predict behavioural responses. A core element of these solutions will be quantifiable markers easily to be obtained outside specialised labs and within naturalistic/everyday settings. Our scope is to create unique knowledge and know-how of the use of fNIRS in investigating colour imagery.

Further Reading and References:

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Job Description/Responsibilities:

-Design and carry out brain functional experiments in naturalistic settings to investigate colour imagery (functional protocol design and implementation).

-Use of functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (or fNIRS) techniques to image the functioning brain (carry out experiments including recruitment and data collection).

-Use computational and/or statistical methods to analyse data towards understanding the brain function.

-Carry out regular literature reviews.

-Share your research in peer-reviewed journals.

-Support the dissemination of project findings (website, reports, development of tools, participate in project meetings and international conferences).

-Hold meetings with scientific colleagues to discuss your findings and ideas for potential research projects (doing some administrative tasks might be necessary).

-Support the supervision of undergraduate and post graduate research projects.

-Do research secondments/visits outside the UK.

Working Arrangements/Salary:

The expectation is working hours to be standard office hours from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. However, we also expect the successful candidate to be flexible to suit the availability of participants during data collection and/or when attending conferences and/or when doing research secondments/visits.

The working mode will be hybrid split between working from home and office (when collecting data for example). The office location and data collection facilities are in Ashford-Kent, UK and is expected the successful candidate to be able to travel to these facilities within 1h30m from their home.

The job is initially funded for 18 months and the successful candidate will be able to start at any time and as soon as possible.

Starting salary will depend on the degree qualifications and experience, and will range from £32,000 to £45,000 per annum.

Person specification:

We acknowledge neuroscience combines many scientific disciplines and this is very obvious in our current team. Our preferred areas are Physics, Engineering, Computer Science, Neuroscience, and Psychology. Applicants with degrees in Physical Sciences, Social Sciences and Engineering must be able to demonstrate some basic knowledge in Neuroscience and/or Psychology. Applicants with degrees in Neuroscience and/or Psychology must be able to demonstrate some basic knowledge in neuroimaging and computational data analytics.

We welcome applicants with or without a PhD degree.

Essential skills: (1) Hands-on experience with brain imaging techniques; (2) Demonstratable experience with data and signal analysis for neuroimaging; (3) Experience with subject recruitment and data collection; (4) Demonstratable knowledge for developing/implementing brain functional activation protocols; (5) Experience in developing scientific reports, and presentations (scientific writing skills).

Desirable skills: (1) Experience in using fNIRS to monitor brain function; (2) Exposure to statistical packages such as XLStats/SPSS etc or Statistical MatLab/R tool boxes; (3) Demonstratable experience in developing “MatLab” or “R” based scripts for fNIRS analysis; (4) Knowledge of SPM or similar ( ); (5) Knowledge of other fNIRS analytics toolboxes (see ); (6) Participation in national and international meetings; (7) Scientific publications.


The application deadline is 28th of February 2022; however shortlisting and interviews will take place as applications received; therefore, the application deadline might close earlier if the right candidate has been identified.

In your application you need to include as .pdf files (1) your most recent CV (up to two - A4 pages); (2) a list of publications/conference abstracts (if any); (3) a cover letter (up to two - A4 pages) where you discuss why you are applying and how your education/skills/experience fit the person specification requirements for this job; (4) the names, address, phone number and emails of two referees that we can approach if you are shortlisted for interviews.

We invite international candidates to apply; regarding working VISA requirements do check out

Reference ID: metabolight_JB1_16122021

Contract length: 18 months

Application deadline: 28/02/2022

Job Types: Full-time, Contract

Salary: £32,000.00-£45,000.00 per year


  • Monday to Friday

COVID-19 considerations:
The working mode will be hybrid split between working from home and office (when collecting data for example).


  • Bachelor's (preferred)

Work remotely:

  • Yes