PhD project - How does the schizophrenia risk gene, SETD1A, alter the early life development of brain circuits?

Vacancy Reference Number
Closing Date
26 Nov 2021
UKRI PhD stipend
University of Bristol
4 years
As part of the MRC GW4 Biomed DTP programme, we are excited to offer a 4-year PhD project investigating how the SETD1A gene leads to increased risk of schizophrenia by affecting early life brain development. The project will be based in lab of Dr Mike Ashby at University of Bristol, but brings together an expert supervisory team of Prof Anthony Isles (Cardiff), Dr Emma Cahill (Bristol) and Prof Jonathan Mill (Exeter). Specifically, we will investigate the cortical development of a mouse model of SETD1A deficiency using molecular, electrophysiological, imaging and behavioural techniques to link aberrant neurobiology to pathology. If you are looking for an exciting and ambitious PhD learning cutting edge techniques within a supportive and fun team, then please do get in touch. We are very happy to answer any questions or offer advice ahead of your application.

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Dr Mike Ashby,