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Identification of novel purine-based analgesics
Closing Date
9 Jan 2022
BBSRC PhD stipend rates
School of Life Sciences University of Warwick
1 + 3 years
Pain is a common condition that can be extremely debilitating for chronic sufferers. While a wide range of analgesics (compounds that provide pain relief) are available, not all analgesics are suitable for all types of pain and opioid analgesics can cause dependence. New analgesics are therefore needed. Adenosine is a neuromodulator in the central and peripheral nervous systems that has analgesic properties. In collaboration with leading pain specialists at Neurosolutions Ltd and colleagues at the Universities of Bern (Switzerland) and Cambridge (UK) this project will explore novel compounds targeting adenosine receptors for their potential as new classes of analgesics. Through this project the successful student will gain excellent academic, technical and transferable skills in neuroscience, pain physiology and pharmaceutical drug discovery.

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Enquires: Prof Bruno Frenguelli