PhD opportunity: Images in the medical and life sciences (Aberdeen university)

Closing Date
1 May 2020
Aberdeen University | School of Divinity, History & Philosophy | Aberdeen | United Kingdom

Project Description

Pictorial representations and images (e.g. photographs and diagrams) are common in the medical and life sciences. Examples include fMRI images and micrographs. They are convenient ways to communicate the results of investigations to peers and, potentially, a wider audience. But it is thought that they can also be involved in the process of research itself, e.g. by assisting the development of explanatory models. Furthermore, it has been argued that they can play an evidential role within scientific arguments. This project investigates the precise roles of pictorial representations, their unique qualities and limitations, which are still little understood.

An interdisciplinary approach to this topic is welcome, e.g. by combining philosophical analysis with historical and/or psychological research.

Funding Notes

The successful applicant will be expected to provide the funding for tuition fees, living expenses and maintenance. Details of the cost of study can be found by visiting View Website. There is no funding attached to this project.
The project requires a background in philosophy (especially philosophy of science) and the medical or life sciences. Applicants with a background in only one of these disciplines will be considered if they are willing and able to acquire the necessary expertise.

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