Research Associate

Vacancy Reference Number
Closing Date
11 May 2021
£35,845 to £40,322
University of Glasgow
5 years

Job Details

We have an opportunity for a Research Associate to contribute to an ERC-funded project “Dynamic network reconstruction of human perceptual and reward learning via multimodal data fusion”, working with Prof. Marios Philiastides at the Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging (CCNi). As a successful candidate you will also be expected to work closely with other postdoctoral fellows employed on the project and contribute jointly to the formulation and submission of publications and research proposals as well as help the PI manage the project as opportunities allow. 

The work aims to develop a unified framework for integrating perceptual and reward-based learning and decision-making and understanding the extent to which these processes share common computational and neurobiological underpinnings. The work will also take a critical look at the role of important decision modulators such as confidence, surprise, attention, etc. The job will focus on multimodal brain imaging (e.g. behaviour, simultaneous EEG-fMRI in 3T and 7T environments, eye-tracking etc) and will further require the development and/or application of computational models to predict complex patterns in the multimodal datasets that will be acquired.

This role is a postdoc in Cognitive Computational Neuroscience with a strong focus on theoretical neuroscience to lead the computational modelling developments for this work.  

Person Criteria

  • Normally Scottish Credit and Qualification Framework level 12 [PhD] or alternatively possess the equivalent in professional qualifications and experience, with experience of personal development in a similar or related role[s]
  • Demonstrable interest and experience in cognitive computational neuroscience
  • Experience in experimental design and psychophysical measurements
  • A comprehensive and up-to-date theoretical knowledge in areas related to the field of research

How to Apply

Person Criteria

For informal enquiries, please contact Professor Marios Philiastides,