Research Associate in Circadian Biology - UK Dementia Research Institute (Imperial)

Vacancy Reference Number
Closing Date
23 Nov 2023
£45,593 – £53,630 plus benefits
UK Dementia Research Institute, Department of Brain Sciences, Imperial College London, Hammersmith Campus - On site only
This position is offered on a full-time basis, initially for a period of two years with the expectation for renewal.

About the job

Dementia is the biggest health challenge of our century.

To date there is no way to prevent it or even slow its progression, and there is an urgent need to fill the knowledge gap in our basic understanding of the diseases that cause it.

The UK Dementia Research Institute (UK DRI) is the biggest UK initiative driving forward research to fill this gap.

The UK DRI at Imperial brings together researchers from diverse backgrounds with fresh perspectives, drawing on the university’s unique strengths, resources and focus on science, engineering, medicine and business. The team recognises that the challenges of dementia demand new concepts, new approaches and a diverse range of new research tools and directions. Their holistic approach views the ageing brain in the context of the ageing body, not in isolation.

The Brancaccio Lab invites applications from talented, highly motivated and creative postdoctoral scientists to take a leading role in the following project investigating molecular cellular and circuit mechanisms driving dysfunction of the sleep-wake cycle in pre-clinical models of Alzheimer’s disease (AD).

Establishment of an integrated platform for live imaging of sleep-wake cycles in the mouse brain in health and neurodegeneration.

The main goal of this project is to gain a deep understanding of the relationship between sleep-wake cycles and cognitive function in both healthy brains and those affected by neurodegenerative diseases. We will use techniques such as live imaging of neuronal activity, sleep monitoring, single-cell omics approaches, and viral-mediated somatic gene editing in these mouse models. This project is part of a significant initiative supported by the Michael Uren Foundation and the UK Dementia Research Institute (UK DRI), with the aim of developing new translational approaches for the treatment and prevention of Alzheimer's disease. [Link:]

Duties and responsibilities

As a Research Associate in the UK DRI, you will:

  • Build on your existing skills and experience to address this project independently.
  • Present research findings as written reports, at conferences, within the College and as published manuscripts.
  • Take initiative in the planning of research, with clear and timely communications to the Group Leader and relevant researchers.
  • Provide guidance to staff and assist in the supervision of undergraduate and postgraduate research students, as required.
  • Maintain highly organised and accurate records of experimental work.

Essential Requirements 

  • You will be a motivated and organised researcher, excited by the science we do.
  • You will hold (or be near completion of) a PhD in neuroscience (or related discipline). Candidates who have not yet been officially awarded their PhD will be appointed as a Research Assistant within the salary range £40,694 - £43,888 per annum.
  • Experience of one or more laboratory techniques including brain surgery, EEG recording, live imaging microscopy and advanced molecular biology (e.g., cloning, design and production of viral vector, CRISPR/Cas9 and/or RNAi functional interference) in mouse models.
  • Experience of one or more software packages is essential: MATLAB, ImageJ, SigmaPlot, Prism, R, as is experience in statistical analysis.
  • Practical experience with RNAseq, RNA scope, and spatial transcriptomic techniques is highly desirable, but not essential.
  • Experience with multivariate statistical analysis of (circadian) time series is highly desirable, but not essential.

Contact information 

For any inquires please contact Dr Marco Brancaccio

To apply visit here