Research Technician in Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience

Vacancy Reference Number
Closing Date
8 Nov 2020
£29,270 – £32,080
UK Dementia Research Institute, Department of Brain Sciences, Imperial College London, White City Campus
Fixed term until 31 December 2024

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Dementia is the biggest health challenge of our century. To date, there is no way to prevent it or even slow its progression, and there is an urgent need to fill the knowledge gap in our basic understanding of the diseases that cause it.

The UK Dementia Research Institute (UK DRI) is the biggest UK initiative driving forward research to fill this gap.

The UK DRI at Imperial College London brings novel, cutting edge approaches and research tools to the study of dementia to discover new disease mechanisms and therapeutic targets. The team focuses on the earliest pre-symptomatic stages of Alzheimer’s disease, addressing what determines the transition to neurodegeneration, and will investigate mechanisms that are likely shared across many of the dementias.

We have a position available for a Research Technician to provide technical support in molecular and cellular neuroscience for the programme of Dr Alexi Nott, Fellow of the UK DRI at Imperial. One major project that will be pursued is focused on understanding the contribution of neuroepigenetics in driving ageing-related brain disorders. Other projects address (or will address as they are defined by developing science) other aspects of neurodegenerative disease research.

Under the overall direction and supervision of Dr Nott, you will gain and extend experience performing a range of molecular methods for brain tissue analysis. Maintenance and differentiation of induced pluripotent stem cells as in vitro models of brain cell types may also be required. Additional duties will require archiving and retrieval of human brain tissue and blood. In addition to research support, your duties will include laboratory administrative responsibilities. You will be part of a team working within the UK DRI centre but will be expected to work with considerable autonomy following an initial training period.


Building on a good qualification in Neuroscience, Molecular Biology or similar relevant equivalent experience, you will have a broadly similar experience in a neuroscience research laboratory and direct experience genomics methods and biological tissue management.

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