Wellcome Trust PhD programme in Translational Neuroscience

Vacancy Reference Number
Closing Date
30 Nov 2021
Generous WT PhD stipend
University of Edinburgh
4 years

Our Translational Neuroscience PhD programme, funded by Wellcome, combines scientific excellence with a commitment to improving the working environment and transition support for trainees.

We are committed to being part of an evolving community of practitioners who will develop and share practice to bring science and culture together, placing both firmly at the heart of what we do.

Our vision

Our vision is to equip a cohort of non-clinical neuroscientists with both the expertise in rigorous, cross-disciplinary, cutting-edge neuroscience and a deep understanding of clinical brain disorders, across the lifespan, required to increase success in translation from fundamental to clinical science.

Lack of success in translation, which inhibits the development of effective biomarkers and novel treatments, arises from inadequate consideration of issues such as complex causality, the variability of human disease manifestations, the effects of development and ageing, and the practicalities of clinical trials.

Our programme addresses the lack of opportunity for non-clinical neuroscientists to gain expertise in the complex challenges of clinical research by meeting and interacting with patients and their representatives, and covering the key methodologies required to close translational gaps, including disease modelling, biomarker discovery, experimental and clinical trial design.

We provide mentoring, mental health, careers advice and other support for students; strong ties to external agencies to prepare them for a wide variety of careers; and a wide array of scientific and broader training opportunities for students, early career and established supervisors and mentors.

**Applications are now being invited for September 2022 entry.  Deadline: 30 November 2021**