19th International Symposium on Chromaffin Cell Biology

External Event - 22nd to 26th Aug 2017


Session Topics

SNAREs and Fusion Pores

SM proteins and Regulated Exocytosis

Organelle dynamics and Cytoskeleton

Chromogranins, Vesicle Synthesis and Dynamics

Ion Channels, Receptors, and Lipids regulating Catecholamine Secretion

Preliminary Programme of Speakers

Margaret Robinson (Cambridge Institute for Medical Research, UK)

Stephen Hill (University of Nottingham, UK)

Sebastian Barg (Uppsala University, Sweden)

Michael Cousin (University of Edinburg, Scotland)

Manfred Lindau (Cornell University, USA)

Almudena Albillos (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain)

Arun Anantharam (University of Michigan, USA)

Ronald Holz (University of Michigan Medical School, USA)

Nitish Mahapatra (Indian Institute of Technology, India)

Nathalie Guerineau (CNRS, University of Montpellier, France)

Lee Eiden (NIH, USA)

The nineteenth International Symposium for Chromaffin Cell Biology (ISCCB19) will take place at The Edge (Endcliffe) Student Village:

The Edge
Endcliffe Village
34 Endcliffe Crescent
S10 3ED

For general enquiries about the venue please contact the conference organiser, Dr Elizabeth Seward

Email: isccb19@sheffield.ac.uk

For more information and to register visit sheffield.ac.uk/isccb

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