2017 Annual Synaptopathies Symposium

External Event - 22nd Sep 2017

2017 Annual Synaptopathies Symposium

33 Queen Square Lecture Theatre, UCL

Friday, September 22nd, 2017


The symposium is funded by a Wellcome Trust Strategic Award entitled "Synaptopathies: genetics, biophysics and circuit mechanisms of paroxysmal neurological disorders".

Epilepsy, migraine and related paroxysmal neurological disorders affect over 15% of the population, and account for an enormous burden to the individual and to society. Progress in managing these diseases is slow, with many patients failing to respond to available medication. Understanding the mechanisms will be an essential step not only towards improved diagnosis, but also towards the development of rational therapies.

*This event is open to principal investigators, postdoctoral researchers and PhD students. A limited number of places will be made available to MSc students.*


8.25 Registration, coffee

9.00 Dimitri Kullmann (UCL): Introduction

9.05 (Chair: Peter Goadsby)

9.05 Karen Steel (KCL) Role of synaptic pathologies in hearing impairment

9.40 Patricia Salinas (UCL): Understanding the mechanisms modulating synapse degeneration and recovery: implications for Alzheimer’s disease

10.15 John Wood (UCL) New insights into pain mechanisms

10.50 Coffee

11.10 (Chair: Sanjay Sisodiya)

11.10 Andrew Fry (Cardiff) NMDA receptor mutations in patients with malformations of cortical development

11.45 Sameer Zuberi (Glasgow): Sodium channel genes and epilepsies - developmental expression and phenotypes

12.20 Seth Grant (Edinburgh) The synaptome: single synapse molecular maps of the whole brain

12.55 Lunch & Posters

14.00 (Chair: Henry Houlden)

14.00 Alasdair Coles (Cambridge): Psychosis and the synapse

14.35 (Short talk) Viorica Chelban (UCL) Next Generation sequencing and gene discovery in spastic ataxias

14.50 (Short talk) Oscar Bello (UCL) Structural mechanisms of synaptic neurotransmission

15.05 (Short talk) Erica Tagliatti (UCL): Regulation of synaptic vesicle release by synaptotagmin calcium sensitive ring-like oligomers

15.20 (Short talk) Christine Dixon (UCL) How do mutations in hippocalcin cause dystonia?

15.35 (Short talk) Emer O’Connor (UCL): An introduction to Neurogenetics.co.uk

15.50 Tea

16.10 (Chair: James Jepson)

16.10 Dmitri Rusakov (UCL): Astroglia and synapses: a cloudy relationship

16.45 Nicola Hamilton (UCL): Calcium permeable TRP channels facilitate myelin decompaction in ischaemia

17.20 Gero Miesenboeck (Oxford): Light sleep

17.55 Reception

Supported by the Wellcome Trust through a Strategic Award on Synaptopathies


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