Events (September 2020)

Covid: The Mental health toll to Society.

BNA Event - 1st Sep 2020

Covid-19 is affecting all our lives in ways that are profound. Many aspects of the past are changing fast, and many of us are worrying about what this all means for ourselves and for our loved ones. read more..

The Neuro Talks - Madrid, Spain

External Event - 3rd to 4th Sep 2020

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MQ Data Science Meeting

External Event - 8th Sep 2020

This meeting follows our previous meeting in May. We will continue our discussions on how to galvanise the mental health research community following COVID-19. read more..

BNA AGM 2020

BNA Event - 9th Sep 2020

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The Pain of Missing Treatments for Pain: An Open Discussion and Q&A

BNA Event - 10th Sep 2020

Why is pain so hard to treat? How can we combine our understanding of the physiological processes with subjective perception to get better insights of the nature of pain? What is it about drug development for pain relief that makes it so hard to crack? And is there something brighter on the horizon? read more..

When industry meets academia

BNA Event - 15th Sep 2020

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Parkinson's UK Research Conference 2020- London

External Event - 24th to 25th Sep 2020

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Oxford Autumn School in Neuroscience

External Event - 28th Sep 2020

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