2021 INS Annual Meeting - Social Justice at the Center: Shaping the Future of Neuroethics

External Event - 4th to 5th Nov 2021

Time:  Thursday 4th of November 1pm - 11.30pm (GMT)

            Friday 5th of November 1pm - 10pm (GMT)

Online Event 

The 2021 INS Annual Meeting will be an 2-day online conference held Thursday and Friday, November 4-5. The focus will be on the meeting theme: ‘Social Justice at the Center: Shaping the Future of Neuroethics.’ The social justice theme has guided construction of the program, selection of expert panels, and will motivate many discussions and reflections throughout the meeting.



Lectures / Recognitions

  • Anita L. Allen, University of Pennsylvania – Fred Kavli Distinguished Neuroethics Lecture
  • Patricia Churchland — Steven E. Hyman Award for Distinguished Service to the Field of Neuroethics

Panels / Discussions

  • Exploring Social Justice and Neuroethics
  • Global Mental Health Care: Identifying Disparities and Setting Priorities
  • Justice, Religion and Neuroscience: Promoting Socially Transformative Wellbeing
  • Minding the Gap: Equity and Justice in AI and Neurotech
  • Re-examining Values and Priorities in Global Neuroscience Research
  • Environmental Neuroethics: Social Justice, and Steps Ahead
  • Neurotechnology, Neurolaw, and Social Justice: Predicting and Preventing Criminality in Imprisoned People


  • International Partnerships and Training
  • Building Strong Mentor–Mentee Relationships
  • Publishing and Writing
  • Depictions of Disability and Neurotechnology
  • Developing an Anti-Racist Neuroscience
  • Assessing Rights-based and Legal Approaches to Protecting Mental Privacy
  • Neurotechnology with Everyone: Engineering the Building Blocks of Global Participation




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