25th International "Stress and Behavior" Neuroscience and Biopsychiatry Conference, Russia

External Event - 16th to 19th May 2018


16th-19th May 2018


Conference overview


  • Stress, fear; anxiety, depression
  • Neurogenetics of stress
  • Neuromediators and transporters
  • Neurosteroids in the CNS
  • Neurochemistry and neurophysiology of stress
  • Neuropsychopharmacology and neuroendocrinology
  • Experimental models of behavior
  • Stress, memory and learning
  • Psychophysiology and neuropsychology
  • Psychoneuroimmunology
  • General psychiatry
  • Neuroethology and human ethology
  • Other brain/behavioral disorders
  • Gene x environment interactions
  • Translational research in biological psychiatry
  • Biomarkers of stress


Conference working language: English

Venue: Oktiabrskaya Hotel, St-Petersburg, Russia.


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