BIR/BSHNI Head and neck imaging refresher course 2022

External Event - 11th Feb 2022

Time: 9:00-16:50 (GMT)

Venue: 2 Brewery Wharf, Kendall St, Leeds, LS10 1JR, UK

A one-day course as part of a three year rolling cycle providing a refresher in the imaging and investigation of head and neck pathology. This is the first year of a new three year cycle and will focus on imaging of the pharynx, larynx, paranasal sinuses and temporal bones. The course aims to refresh and update knowledge in the common areas of practice of all practitioners whether specialists or generalists.


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Education aims:

  • To understand the key anatomical landmarks of the pharynx
  • To illustrate the role of imaging in detecting and differentiating different pharyngeal pathologies
  • To understand the anatomy and imaging techniques in assessment of the larynx with review of how these allow detection of different laryngeal pathology
  • To understand the clinically significant anatomical variations of the paranasal sinuses and anterior skull base
  • To illustrate the role of imaging in detecting and differentiating different paranasal sinus pathology
  • To understand the anatomy of the inner ear, middle ear and external ear
  • To review common inner, middle and external ear pathologies including imaging strategies for their detection

Speakers: Dr Nalinda Panditaratne, Dr David Summers, Dr Corrine Binns, Dr Elizabeth Loney, Dr Sriram Vaidyanathan, Dr Brook Adams, Dr Gitta Madani, Dr Gillian Potter, Dr Alex Weller, Dr Ram Vaidhyanath, Dr Philip Touska, Dr Padmini Gopalan


Call for abstracts

Submit your abstracts here
Submission deadline: Friday 3 December 2021
Categories: Scientific and educational
Prize: 1st prize: £125 x 2 and 2nd prize: £50 x 2 (1st and 2nd prize per category)
Open to: All medical professionals (Radiologists and Non-Radiologists, Specialty Trainees and Consultants)
Abstracts based on any topic relating to head and neck imaging of no more than 250 words (excluding title, authors and references) are welcomed. You will be asked to specify whether your abstract is scientific or educational at the time of submission. 

The best abstracts will be selected for poster presentation at this meeting. If selected for a poster presentation, one of the authors is required to attend the event.

Find out more about how to register on the event website.

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