Brain Prize Meeting 2018: Dementia and beyond

External Event - 26th to 28th Nov 2018

With international top keynote speakers including the four 2018 prizewinners, The Brain Prize Meeting brings together young neuroscientists and top researchers at this high-level neuroscience event.

Monday 26 November 2018 until Wednesday 28 November 2018

Hindsgavl Castle, Middelfart, Denmark



Bart De Strooper 
Michel Goedert
Christian Haass 
John Hardy

Carol Brayne
Maiken Nedergaard 
Rik Ossenkoppele 
Beth Stevens

Ian McEwan - introduced by 2017 Brain Prize winner, Ray Dolan

The meeting is certified by the University of Copenhagen, Aarhus University and the University of Southern Denmark as an external Ph.D. course worth 1 (one) ECTS point. PhD students must submit an abstract to be eligible for the ECTS point.

Mette Berendt, University of Copenhagen, Olav Andersen, Aarhus University, Steen Hasselbalch, Copenhagen University Hospital and University of Copenhagen, and Kate Lykke Lambertsen, University of Southern Denmark

The Lundbeck Foundation in collaboration with Danish Universities and Danish Society for Neuroscience.

The Lundbeck Foundation is the sole sponsor of this meeting.

The meeting is open to junior and senior scientists in the field of basic as well as clinical neuroscience. The number of participants is approx. 120. The language is English.

Participants are invited and encouraged to submit one or more abstracts. All PhD students attending are required to submit an abstract. Abstracts dealing with topics outside of the main theme of the meeting are also welcome. All submitted abstracts will be presented as either short oral presentations or poster presentations.
Submit abstracts in pdf format max 350 words to att. Louise Bruun
Poster size: A0 = 1189 (H) x 841 (W) mm.

Deadline for abstracts: 12 October 2018.

A prize of 2.500 Euros will be awarded for the best presentation - oral or poster

Online on a first come first serve basis - priority will be given to participants submitting an abstract.
Deadline for registration: 12 October 2018.
You will receive an e-mail invoice from the Lundbeck Foundation. Your registration is complete and will be confirmed once your payment is received. Please note that the registration fee is non-refundable.

Registration is free of charge for the first 10 undergraduates, for the following undergraduates the registration fee is DKK 1,000.
Registration fee is DKK 1,000 for the first 30 PhD Students, for the following PhD Students the registration fee is DKK 2,500.
Registration fee for all other participants is DKK 2,500.
The fee includes all meals and lodging.

Once annually the Lundbeck Foundation awards The Brain Prize - a € 1 mio. personal research prize. The prize is awarded to nurture interest in brain research, to stimulate and reward outstanding brain research and to stimulate Danish brain research through increased interaction with international brain research.
For further information, please contact Louise Bruun:


Monday 26. November 2018

09.00 – 10.00 Arrival at Hindsgavl Castle

Session 1 - Chaired by Steen Hasselbalch
10.00 – 10.05 Opening remarks by Kim Krogsgaard, Director of The Brain Prize
10.05 – 10.50 Keynote Lecture by Bart De Strooper: "A cellular theory for Alzheimer’s Disease"
10.50 – 11.35 Michel Goedert: "Molecular conformers of aggregated Tau: Alzheimer’s and Pick’s Diseases"

12.00 – 13.00 Lunch

Session 2 - Flash Poster Presentation - Chaired by Olav Andersen
13.00 – 14.00 Flash presentation of posters

14.00 – 14.30 Break

Session 3 - Chaired by Bart De Strooper
14.30 – 15.15 Invited Keynote Lecture by Carol Brayne: "How can population studies contribute to brain science?"
15.15 – 15.30 Abstract No xx: 
15.30 – 15.45 Abstract No yy: 
15.45 – 16.00 Abstract No zz: 

16.00 -  16.30 Break

Session 4 - Chaired by Mette Berendt and Kate Lykke Lambertsen
16.30 – 17.15 Round table/panel 'all prize winners'

Session 5 - Poster viewing
17.15 – 18.45 Poster viewing and refreshments 

19.00 – 20.30 Dinner

Late Night Inspirational Lecture - introduced by Ray Dolan
20.45 – 21.30 Ian McEwan: "How to make errors"
21.30 –          Networking and refreshments

Tuesday 27 November 2018
Session 6 - Chaired by Michel Goedert 
09.00 – 09.45 Keynote Lecture by Christian Haass: "Modulation of amyloid metabolism"
09.45 – 10.30 Keynote Lecture John Hardy: "The genome and neurodegeneration"

10.30 – 11.00 Break

Session 7 - Chaired by John Hardy
11.00 – 11.45 Invited Keynote Lecture by Maiken Nedergaard: "Glymphatic Clearance in neurodegenerative diseases"
11.45 – 12.00 Abstract No xy: 
12.00 – 12:15 Abstract No xz: 
12.15 – 12.30 Abstract No yz: 

12.30 – 13.30 Lunch

Session 8 - Chaired by Christian Haass
13.30 – 14.15 Invited Keynote Lecture by Beth Stevens: "How Immune Cells Wire and Unwire the Brain"
14.15 – 14.30 Abstract No zx: 
14.30 – 14.45 Abstract No zx:

14.45 – 15.15 Coffee break

Session 9 - Chaired by Olav Andersen
15.15 – 16.00 Invited Keynote Lecture by Rik Ossenkoppele: "In vivo imaging of amyloid, tau and neurodegeneration in Alzheimer’s disease"
16.00 – 16.15 Abstract No zx:

16.15 – 16.45 Break

Session 10 - Flash Poster Presentation - Chaired by Kate Lykke Lambertsen
16.45 – 17.45 Flash presentation of posters

Session 11 - Poster viewing
17.45 – 19.00 Poster viewing and refreshments
19.30 –          Gala dinner and presentation of The Brain Prize Meeting Best Presentation Award

Wednesday 28 November 2018
09.00 – 10.00 Departure Hindsgavl Castle

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