Brainbox: TMS for cognitive neuroscience

External Event - 26th to 28th Sep 2017

The TMS course is to be held at UCL on 26-28th September 2017.

This course run in collaboration with neuroscientists from UCL, Lancaster and Imperial College aims to equip you with knowledge about the opportunities and limitations TMS can offer your cognitive neuroscience research programme.

The course covers:

  • A brief history of brain stimulation
  • TMS safety and ethics
  • Designing virtual lesion experiments using both on- and off-line rTMS
  • Using MEPs in cognitive neuroscience
  • Chronometric TMS and combining TMS with other methodologies
  • Discussion sessions on advanced applications and how to integrate TMS into your research program
  • Hands-on sessions and analysis of results

The course is designed for anyone interested in incorporating TMS into their cognitive neuroscience research including graduate students, postdocs, and principle investigators.

To find out more about this course, please visit Brainbox website.

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