'Bright Sparks' - theatre for 3-7 year olds

External Event - 24th to 25th Sep 2016

Bright Sparks is a brand new piece exploring neuroscience for children aged 3-7, produced by the Filskit Theatre Company.

The show follows the story of Links and Rex, two characters who are like light and dark, left and right. Links is logical, she likes order and fact. Rex is different, she is imaginative, a daydreamer.

Watch these two opposites get their wires crossed and their noodles in a muddle as the strive to find ways to work and play together. With humour and mesmerising visuals Bright Sparks explores the beauty of difference, inspired by research into how both sides of the brain must strike a balance for us to see, move and speak.

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Background to Bright Sparks

Research into this piece began in 2015, when the Filskit Theatre Company became inspired by the research into the left and right sides of the human brain and their different attributes.

There is an abundance of recent research that blows the myth that we each have a dominant side of the brain, that we are all either left-brained (logical, ordered) or right-brained (creative, imaginative). The theatre company concentrated on the balance between the left and right sides of the brain and how they must work in harmony for us to move, speak, identify our emotions and store memories.

As the title for an article by Dr Jeremy Fritz put’s it: “when the Brain is out of synch, the world is out of balance”.

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Brain Waves

Bright Sparks is one of the events in Brain Waves, a two-week long festival (21st Sept-2nd Oct 2016) of science and theatre that matches artists and neuroscientists to create new theatre productions for children. Supported by a Wellcome Trust People Award the festival features four original works for a range of audiences between 6 months and 16 years old.

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