Careers in neuroscience (and beyond!)

BNA Event - 21st Jul 2021

Time - 11:00 BST for 30-40 minutes 
Free online webinar

image of brain and notebooks

Join us to hear about degrees and careers in neuroscience, what it’s like to be a neuroscientist, the wide range of career options open to you after a neuroscience degree, first-hand examples of career paths in neuroscience, and some tips and thoughts to help you in your own careers.

This free and friendly webinar will give you the chance to ask questions from people with different experiences in neuroscience:

- Emma Soopramanien, the BNA Committee Representative for Students and Early Career Researchers – Emma has just completed her undergraduate course in neuroscience, and will be hosting the webinar.

- Professor Anthony Isles, BNA Trustee – Anthony is a professor at Cardiff University, where he researches epigenetic mechanisms of brain and behaviour and how they contribute to neurodevelopmental and neuropsychiatric disorders, as well as teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students. He will talk about how he came to be a neuroscientist researcher and ways into neuroscience.

- Dr Anne Cooke, BNA Chief Executive – Anne studied physiology and neuroscience at university and carried out research into neuronal communication, before then following a career path with roles in academia and industry, and now as CE at the BNA. Anne will describe her own career in neuroscience, as well as some of the many other options open to you after a neuroscience degree.


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