Cellular Pathways Driving Neurodegeneration and Future Therapeutics (Z6) - Keystone, USA

External Event - 19th to 23rd Jun 2020

Neurodegenerative diseases remain one of the main concerns for aging populations across the world. Elucidating the molecular mechanisms underlying these diseases thus remains a priority for developing effective therapeutics to combat them. Recent genetic studies linked to these diseases have pointed to several key cellular organelles and pathways, including defective synaptic function, endolysosomal and mitochondrial dysfunction as key players in driving neurodegeneration. The goal of this meeting is to bring together fundamental basic scientists who are experts in these areas of cell biology and researchers with disease focus, as well as scientists investigating therapeutic strategies for neurodegeneration. By combining these different fields of expertise, this conference will help facilitate cross-fertilization, in-depth interactions and stimulate insightful discussions on disease pathogenesis and strategies for advancing drug development for neurodegenerative disorders.

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