Changing the Human Experience

External Event - 10th Feb 2018

What shapes our ever changing perception of the world? How is our sense of identity created and how does it develop? What drives us to communicate in the way that we do?

Join us to explore the relationship between memory, perception, language and emotion with a panel of experts working in the wide ranging fields of psychology, linguistics, computer science and music.

This event is taking place at the Cripps Court, Cambridge on the 10th of February at 11am to 3pm.

Free to attend. Lunch and Refreshments Provided.

Individual talks:

Memories are made for the future: Explore memory, perception and human experience through a magical mixture of science, literature and the performing arts with Nicky Clayton, Professor of Psychology at Cambridge University and Artist in Residence Clive Wilkins.

How to speak like an alien: The way we communicate our highly individual perception of the world helps to form our identity. Language is our major communication tool, but how is it constructed? Bettina Beinhoff, Senior Lecturer in Applied Linguistics at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge explores these questions through the unlikely approach of studying how ‘alien’ language is constructed for films and literature.

Reading your emotions: Perhaps a complex emotional repertoire is what helps to make humans so unique? Or could the nuances of human feeling simply be reduced to code? Marwa Mahmoud, Research Associate at the Computer Laboratory, Cambridge University has developed automating machine understanding to interpret complex emotions and discusses some of the medical and ethical implications of its use. Your opportunity to discover whether a robot could read emotions better than you?

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