Connectome Informed Deep Brain Stimulation

External Event - 3rd Dec 2021

Time: 3.15pm (GMT)

Online Event

In this talk, I will review and highlight some of the recent advances in using human brain connectomics to guide deep brain stimulation surgery and programming. Spanning across multiple brain disorders such as Parkinson’s Disease, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Alzheimer’s Disease, I will demonstrate how we can target nodes of distributed brain networks that are associated with optimal symptom improvements, when modulated.
Given the symptom-specificity of some identified networks, this methology could pave the way towards personalized brain stimulation paradigms, which aim at engaging networks associated with improvements of symptoms prevalent in the individual patient.

I will also review challenges of brain imaging in deep brain stimulation – where millimeters matter – and novel methods developed by our laboratory to address them. In part, these methods could be helpful to refine results and analysis streams applied in the broader neuroimaging community.

Speaker: Dr Andreas Horn

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