Course: The Neuroscience of Difficult Conversations - London

External Event - 19th Mar 2019

12:00 - 13:30

The BPI, 2nd Floor, Riverside Building, County Hall, Westminster, London, SE1 7JA

Sarah Glenister is intellectually humble and incredibly curious about human behaviour. Her latest passion is researching what it will take to make people care about global challenges in a way that will make a real change for humanity and the environment. We are lucky to have her joining BRIT for Business in March 2019 to deliver 3 guest courses.

When was the last time you had a difficult conversation? Do you wish you had handled it differently?

Whether you are in an interview, having to talk to someone on your team that isn't keeping commitments or dealing with an angry customer, we don't often handle these situations in the best possible way.

This very practical and hands-on course will show you how you can handle them in a way that produces a better outcome, less pain for you and less pain for others.

We will explore the range of difficult conversations we have at work and how to do it better. We link this to the area of persuasion and influence, and discuss what the latest evidence from neuroscience is showing.

You will learn:

  • The brains role in difficult conversations
  • The mismatch between what is said and what is heard
  • The 2 mistakes we make when giving feedback
  • The 3 key elements to approach any difficult conversation

If you are interested in having better conversations in the workplace, then this lunch time 90 minute course is not to be missed.

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