Eli Lilly 50th Anniversary Celebratory Symposium at Erl Wood

External Event - 14th Jul 2017


2017 marks a “golden” occasion for Lilly as we reach the 50th anniversary of scientific research at our UK site in Windlesham, Surrey.  To celebrate, we would like to invite you to attend a day-long scientific symposium. In keeping with our continued spirit of innovation and discovery, the theme for the day is “The Next 50 Years of Neuroscience Research”. 

Our understanding of the biology of disease, most notably neurodegenerative disorders, is moving at a dizzying pace, accelerated by the application of novel technologies that continue to challenge the boundaries of testable hypotheses.  A range of internationally recognised experts and upcoming scientists will share their thoughts on what they feel are key advances in their fields and where these might take us. 


Confirmed speakers (subject to contract) include:

Prof Bart De Strooper - University of  Leuven, Belgium: From the biochemical to the cellular phase of Alzheimer´s disease

Dr Tara Spires-Jones - University of Edinburgh: Deciphering the role of synapses in neurodegenerative diseases

Dr Johanna Jackson - Eli Lilly and Company: A window into the brain: two-photon imaging at Lilly

Prof Angela Russell - University of Oxford: Discovery of proneurogenic drug candidates: a new therapeutic strategy for neurodegenerative and neuropsychiatric disorders

Prof Ammar Al Chalabi -  Kings College London: What’s next in ALS?

Dr Barney Bryson - University College London: Overcoming muscle paralysis using stem cells and optogenetics.

Dr Sean Hill - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne: Blue Brain: Emergent dynamics in digitally reconstructed brain circuitry

Prof Mark Lythgoe - University College London: Untangling Alzheimer’s: Imaging brain clearance

Prof Nigel Emptage  - University of Oxford: Photonic strategies for the study of synapse form and function.


More details can be found on the registration website



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