Empowering and including you in UK neuroscience

BNA Event - 10th Aug 2020

We invite you to an open discourse to discuss your experiences, views and aspirations for the future of neuroscience - with you in it.

With an increase in international attention of the Black Lives Matter movement and the global positive reception to #BlackinNeuro, the British Neuroscience Association (BNA) recognises that more can be done to support Black and ethnic minority neuroscientists to join the field, navigate through the learning process and thrive in this dynamic discipline.

Through this meeting, attendees will be able to discuss the resources, opportunities, and guidance they would love to benefit from (e.g. mentorship; professional development talks - giving poster presentations, locating funding, publishing; peer-support via a network), whilst revealing issues that need to be addressed (e.g. lack of research with BAME subjects; lack of Black senior neuroscientists; Eurocentric biases in research).

These discussions are important to cultivate an educational/working environment that is inclusive and empowering. We welcome you to the first step in our commitment to do so.

  • Ayan Ahmed - BNA member at the University of Surrey
  • Anne Cooke - BNA Chief Executive
  • Emma Soopramanien - Students & Early Careers Representative, BNA National Committee
  • Emma Yhnell - Equal Opportunities & Diversity Representative, BNA National Committee
14:00 BST - Monday 10th August 2020
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We are aware that there are other groups of individuals who are also under-represented or are faced with barriers for involvement in UK neuroscience, including but not limited to LGBTQ, those with disabilities, socio-economic circumstances, or caring responsibilities. 

At the moment, this particular activity will focus on the experience and challenges for Black and Ethnic Minorities in neuroscience, as we believe these will be distinct from others.  However, if you would like to explore other needs for inclusion then we'd love to hear from you! 

Please contact us at office(at)bna.org.uk, @BritishNeuro on Twitter, or our EDI committee member YhnellE(at)cardiff.ac.uk.

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