FENS Forum 2018 - Berlin, Germany

External Event - 7th to 11th Jul 2018



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The FENS Forum of Neuroscience is the largest international neuroscience meeting in Europe, involving all neuroscience societies members of FENS, and attracting more than 6000 international delegates.

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How to register for FENS2018

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Dates and Deadlines


April 17: Final deadline for submission of Forum events proposals (business meetings, networking events and satellite events)

May 15: Abstracts available on the Forum website

June 20: Deadline for online registration

July 7 - 11: FENS Forum 2018 & onsite registration


Call for Networking Events, Business Meetings and Satellite events

Call for Networking Events, Business Meetings and Satellite events for the 11th FENS Forum of Neuroscience is now open.

FENS invites you to submit your proposals using the online forms on the FENS Forum 2018 website. You will find the relevant online forms under Forum Programme.

In addition to the scientific programme prepared by FENS, the FENS Forum also provides opportunities for partners, organisations and interested stakeholders to host a variety of related neuroscience activities.

FENS encourages interested parties to organise any number of business meetings, networking or satellite events that, depending on the type of activity, may take place either before, during or after the FENS Forum 2018 in Berlin.

Organisations, institutions, agencies and companies are welcome to apply as organiser for any of these activities.

Plenary speakers

  • Tom Insel (Palo Alto, USA)
    Fred Kavli Opening Lecture: Digital phenotyping: Rethinking behaviour
  • Paola Arlotta (Cambridge, USA)
    Development, reprogramming and modeling of the central nervous system: From the embryo to human brain organoids
  • Leslie Vosshall (New York, USA)
    The Hertie Foundation Lecture: Thirst for blood: The neurobiology of mosquito behavior
  • Frans de Waal (Atlanta, USA)
    The Tianqiao and Chrissy Chen Institute Lecture: Prosocial animals: Empathy and cooperation
  • Irene Tracey (University of Oxford, Oxford)
    The Presidential Lecture: Imaging perception: Lessons from pain, analgesia and anaesthesia-induced altered states of consciousness
  • Michael Long (New York, NY)
    Stability and Flexibility in Motor Networks
  • Beth Stevens (Boston, USA)
    Immune mechanisms of synapse loss in disease: Lessons from development
  • Doris Tsao (Pasadena, USA)
    Neural mechanisms for object representation
  • Botond Roska (Basel, Switzerland)
    ERA-NET NEURON Closing Lecture: Neuronal circuit based medicine

More information as to when and where the talks will be taking place and for the full programme can be found here

To find out more about this event and register, please visit the FENS website

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