From lab to clinic: Pathways to translational brain machine interfaces for rehabilitation

External Event - 7th Sep 2018

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A day symposium of The Physiological Society
University of Reading, UK

This symposium aims to address the key challenges in the design and adoption of BMIs in the clinic, and highlight the pathways to success for researchers working with BMIs for rehabilitation.

The meeting will explore the viewpoints of the operators (i.e clinicians) and the end users (i.e patients) of BMI technologies, focusing on the key considerations for designing BMIs that are adaptable to the variation in physiologies across disabilities, and suitable for the specific needs of end-users. The symposium will bring together patients, researchers in cutting-edge BMI technology, clinicians in rehabilitation, and experts on the physiology of motor disabilities. 

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Confirmed Speakers

  • Mikhail A. Lebedev, Duke University School of Medicine, North Carolina, US
  • Dario Farina, Chair in Neurorehabilitation Engineering, Imperial College London, UK
  • Claire Guy, Principal Physiotherapist in Spinal Injuries, Rookwood Hospital, UK
  • Ian Daly, Lecturer of Computer Science, University of Essex, UK

Confirmed Panellists

  • Robin Gibbons, Senior Research Associate, Aspire CREATe Group, University College London, UK
  • Talisia Quallo, Medical Research Council, UK
  • Michael Craggs, Emeritus Professor of Applied Neurophysiology, UCL, UK
  • Laurence Kenney, Professor of Rehabilitation Technologies/ Research Co-Lead Rehabilitation Technologies and Biomedical Engineering, University of Salford, UK
  • Andrew Jackson, Professor of Neural Interfaces, Newcastle University, UK

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