From sender to receiver: physics and sensory ecology of hearing in insects and vertebrates, Buckinghamshire

External Event - 4th to 5th Dec 2017


Theo Murphy international scientific meeting organised by Dr Andrei Kozlov and Dr Joerg Albert.

Hearing evolved independently in insects and vertebrates, and the gross anatomy of auditory systems can look very different indeed. For example, grasshoppers have ears on their legs. The biophysics of signal transduction in the ear and the neural processing of sound in the brain, however, share basic similarities across species. This meeting aims to explore and discuss these fundamental principles.

Recorded audio of the presentations will be available on this page after the meeting has taken place.

Attending the event

This is a residential conference, which allows for increased discussion and networking. The conference is free to attend, but advanced registration is essential (more information on registration will be available soon).

Catering and accommodation will be available to purchase during registration.


For more information and to register click here.




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