From Vulnerable Plaque to Vulnerable Brain: Understanding the Role of Inflammation in Vascular Health, Stroke, and Cerebrovascular Disease

External Event - 5th Oct 2021

Time: 4pm-5pm (BST)

Online Event

Every year around 100,000 people in the UK will have a stroke. Stroke is a leading cause of adult disability, and cerebrovascular disease more broadly is a major cause of dementia. Understanding these diseases – both acute and chronic manifestations of cerebrovascular disease – requires consideration not only of the brain itself, but also the blood vessels supplying it. Atherosclerosis – the hardening of arteries as we age – may predispose to stroke by triggering the formation of blood clots that block the blood supply to the brain, but also involves inflammation that may cause chronic damage to the brain and prime both the brain and body for injury. Understanding this interaction between systemic disease and brain health may have important implications for our understanding of healthy ageing and provide novel therapeutic approaches for reducing the burden of cerebrovascular disease.

This talk will consider how advances in imaging may facilitate our understanding of the processes underlying atherosclerosis and how it affects the brain in stroke, as well as work currently underway to translate this understanding into improving treatments for stroke.

Speaker: Dr Nicholas Evans

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