Human Brain Anatomy Course (3 DAYS)

External Event - 17th to 19th Jul 2017


Comprehensive introduction to human brain anatomy . Emphasises functional, clinical and MRI neuroanatomy . Optional practical session examining real human brains!

Suitable for students of neuroscience, psychology and medicine . Mean feedback score (November 2016): 4.9 / 5.0

Course Details

When:  Mon 17th - Wed 19th July 2017

Where: King's College London, UK

Cost:    £395 (3-day course; £95 for optional anatomy practical)


Course Director

Dr Paul Johns, BSc BM MSc FAcadMEd FRCPath (Consultant neuropathologist / senior lecturer in neuroanatomy) Author of Clinical Neuroscience: An Illustrated Colour Text, 1e (Churchill-Livingstone)

More Information

This exciting and popular 3-day programme provides a detailed overview of human brain anatomy presented in a very clear and accessible way. The approach is unlike traditional anatomy courses and emphasises understanding over rote learning. The content is broad, but focuses on structures of central importance to cognitive and imaging neurosciences -- including the functional anatomy of the cerebral cortex, white matter, basal ganglia, limbic lobe, hippocampus and amygdala.

A combination of integrated lectures and (optional) anatomy practical gives the student a firm grasp of the three-dimensional structure of the brain and a solid understanding of the clinical and functional relevance of its different parts. Students find this approach enjoyable and a powerful aid to long-term recall.

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