Improving translation in neuroscience

BNA Event - 11th May 2022

Wednesday 11th May 2022 at the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre, London.

Improving translation in neuroscience’ will explore the key factors inhibiting effective translation of research between academia and industry, identify how to achieve successful translation, and provide delegates with meaningful and practical ways to accelerate their own work, whether that’s in the academic or commercial sector. The day will incorporate education, networking and interactive sessions to share knowledge to improve translation in neuroscience, and will have a strong credibility in neuroscience component to it.

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The day will incorporate education, networking and interactive sessions to share knowledge to improve translation in neuroscience and will have a strong credibility component to it.

Breakout sessions will be led by key representatives from Abcam, Biogen, Cambridge University, LifeArc, MSD, The Psychiatry Consortium and members of the BNA’s council and committee.  

This is part of the BNA’s ‘Building Bridges Between: Industry & Academia’ project, bringing academics and industry colleagues together for information exchange, networking and business opportunities.

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