Inclusive Research Practices Series - Inclusive Basic Research

External Event - 9th Jun 2021

Time - 14:00 - 15:30 

‘Inclusive Research Practices’ is a series of online events taking a closer look at biased and exclusionary practices in life sciences research and how we can overcome these issues to achieve equitable and representative science. The series considers four key aspects of life sciences research: basic research, working with human participants, data science and the environmental impact of research. 

Each event is 1.5 hours long and begins with a 15-minute introduction and interactive activity to encourage attendees to actively engage with the topic at hand. There will then be 2 speakers, each giving a 20-minute presentation followed by a panel discussion and questions from the audience.

About this event

Methodology for understanding the basic phenomena of life can be done in vitro or in vivo, under tightly-controlled experimental conditions designed to limit variability. However stringent the protocol, these experiments do not occur in a cultural vacuum and they are often subject to the same societal biases as other research disciplines. Many researchers uphold the status quo of biased basic research by not questioning the characteristics of their experimental animals, or the people from whom their tissue samples were collected. This means that our fundamental understanding of life has been built on biased models.

This session will explore the ways in which basic life sciences research can be biased and the implications of this. We will discuss practical ways to assess your research design and how to make sure it is representative.


  • Dr Simone Badal | Senior Lecturer & Anticancer Researcher | University of the West Indies

Ethnic Diversity in Cell Lines (preliminary title)

  • Dr Natasha Karp | Associate Director for Biostatistics | Astra Zeneca

Sex Bias in Biomedical Research (preliminary title)

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