Industry and academia symposium: Improving translation in neuroscience

BNA Event - 1st Feb 2021

Rearranged for the BNA2021 Festival of Neuroscience 12th-15th April 2021. 

See the BNA2021 Festival of Neuroscience website here.

The ‘Improving translation in neuroscience’ meeting was originally planned to take place on 15th September 2020, and had been previously re-arranged for 1st February 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

However, due to continued COVID-19 restrictions on in-person events, we have taken the decision to bring this meeting to the online BNA2021 Festival of Neuroscience. On Tuesday 13th April there will be a 140 minute session on ‘How to improve translation between industry and academia in neuroscience’, followed by a further 80 minute workshop on ‘Translational neuroscience for mental health research’ on Wednesday 14th April.

More details will be confirmed soon.

If you have any questions about the meeting, please contact



The sessions will be led by key representatives from:

The programme is being led by a team of industry and academic experts, including:

  • John Isaac - J&J Innovation
  • Mariana Fontes - Abcam
  • Zoe Kourtzi – Cambridge University
  • Paul Wright – LifeArc
  • Tom Otis – Sainsbury Wellcome Centre
  • Manfred Berners – Berners Chapman
  • Anne Cooke - BNA
  • Kevin Cox - Biorelate Ltd
  • Alan Palmer – Entrepreneur



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Building Bridges Between: Industry and academia

If your organisation would like to be involved with the ‘Building Bridges Between: Industry and academia’ initiative, then please contact:
Sophie Sykes-Jerrold, Development Director ( 



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