ISRC Computational Neuroscience, Neurotechnology and Neuro-inspired AI Autumn School (ISRC-CN3)

External Event - 25th Oct 2021

ISRC-CN3 Autumn School

The Autumn School will be held at the Intelligent Systems Research Centre (ISRC), a major research unit within the School of Computing, Engineering and Intelligent Systems at Ulster University in Derry~Londonderry, Northern Ireland. The ISRC is dedicated to the creation of intelligent computational systems, taking inspiration from, and learning from, biology and neuroscience. Its research is focused on the design, development and implementation of intelligent computational systems that are capable of learning, reasoning, adapting and evolving and interacting with their environment in a manner which humans would consider “intelligent”. The ISRC is housed in a large, purpose-built facility, with state-of-the-art resources, including neuroimaging, neurotechnology and robotic facilities, and high-performance computing (HPC) facility for big data analytics and large-scale computational simulations. The ISRC is multidisciplinary, with arguably the largest cluster of computational neuroscientists and neuro-inspired AI researchers in the island of Ireland, with strong collaborations with many clinical, biomedical, neuroscience, AI and mental health centres, and industrial partners, allowing its research output to quickly translate into applications.

Academic researchers at the ISRC and invited external speakers will contribute to the delivery of this 5-day School, which consists of lectures during the day and tutorials and labs in the evening. Tutorials and labs will consist of modelling and analysing data related to the lectures, resulting in 'mini' projects to consolidate the lectures’ content and encourage active and creative participation. Attendees will have the opportunity to present and share their research work on the final day. Class materials will be made available in advance of the event. Required software (Python and MATLAB) can be downloaded and configured before the event. Foundational topics in mathematical techniques and computer programming will be provided.

Although the School will focus on research communities especially within the Island of Ireland due to its lack of such training, wider participations are welcomed. We particularly encourage applications from advanced undergraduate, masters, graduate diploma, early stage career (Ph.D. students and postdoctoral) researchers, and research scientists and engineers in industrial and clinical sectors. Ideally, participants will have some mathematical background at the UK GCE A level / Irish Leaving Certificate level, some familiarity in computer/scientific programming in languages such as Python, MATLAB or R, or some background knowledge in biology, neuroscience, medicine or psychology.

The School aims to be inclusive by providing high accessibility including those who are underrepresented and/or with caregiving responsibilities, disabilities, and limited funds, and bursaries may be available (please request during registration). In light of this, and the ongoing pandemic, the School will adopt a hybrid (physical and virtual) format, and if the pandemic situation becomes worse, it will be a completely virtual event.


Speakers: Dr. Saugat Bhattacharyya, Assistant Professor Áine Byrne, Prof. Damien Coyle, Amanda Fullerton, Dr. Jim Harkin, Dr. Shane Harrigan, Prof. Nikola Kasabov,, Prof. Nikola Kasabov, Prof. J. A. Scott Kelso, Dr. Mehdi Khamassi, Prof. Liam McDaid, Dr. Elaine K. Murray, Dr. Elaine K. Murray, Prof. Girijesh Prasad, Dr. Savitha Ramasamy, Prof. Arleen Salles, Dr. Jose M. Sanchez-Bornot, Dr. KongFatt Wong-Lin


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