Live stream: History of Medicine Society breadth, relevance and tradition: Norah Schuster prize presentations and 2019 - 2020 Presidential address

External Event - 14th Apr 2021

Online Event

Time-  5:00pm to 7:40pm

Join us for this live stream aiming to reflect the traditions of the Society with the Presidential address, the relevance of the Society in its promotion of young medical students, and the breadth in the wide range of topics and themes addressed.

The first part of the proceedings will be an opportunity to listen to the final four selected submissions for the annual Norah Schuster prize, comprising two winners from each of the past two years (the 2019-2020 presentations were cancelled due to COVID-19). It is a privilege for the Society to become aware of the talent and enthusiasm for the history of medicine displayed. 

The second part of this meeting is the Presidential Address for 2019-20, also postponed because of COVID-19,? and is an excellent opportunity to hear of the extraordinary philanthropy which led to the establishment and support of famous hospitals.

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