Mapping the transparent brain with iDISCO+, ClearMap, and light sheet imaging

External Event - 21st Jul 2020

Over the past decade, light sheet fluorescence microscopy (LSFM) and tissue clearing technologies have pushed the limits of scale in the field of 3D imaging.  We can now image complete biological systems such as intact organs, tumors, or even whole mice, at cellular resolution in a single imaging volume.  

Miltenyi Biotech is running an online seminar series, 'Pushing the Limits of Scale', to provide an inside view into LSFM technologies for high-resolution imaging of large sample volumes.   

The sessions will be presented live on the dates indicated and will also be available to view on demand after the live presentations.

Webinar 3: Mapping the transparent brain with iDISCO+, ClearMap, and light sheet imaging 
July 21st, 2020  8 am PDT   Guest Speaker Seminar 
Presented by Nicolas Renier PhD, Group Leader, ICM - Brain and Spine Institute, Paris, France


The adult brain is composed of densely interwoven neuronal and vascular networks that are essential for proper function.  Understanding the structural organization and dynamic changes of these networks is highly challenging  because of their complex 3D topology.  

Dr. Nicolas Renier and his colleagues developed the iDISCO+ and ClearMap technologies to facilitate the study of the structure and cellular networks in the intact adult brain with automated quantitative methods.  Together with light sheet fluorescence microscopy (LSFM), these technologies enable whole brain 3D imaging and detailed quantitative mapping.  iDISCO+ is a complete sample preparation method that enables whole-mount immunolabeling and high-performance optical clearing of adult brain, or any organ.  ClearMap is an open-source software program for the unsupervised mapping of neuronal activity, neuronal projections, and the vascular networks of the brain.  These technologies form a pipeline for high speed acquisition of brain structure and activity at cellular resolution.  

The workflow consists of sample preparation with immunostaining and tissue clearing, then imaging the whole brain with LSFM for expression profiling , and finally automated mapping and analysis.  Dr. Renier will present an overview of these tools and discuss how his team is using them to characterize the plasticity of adult brain networks.

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