MEGIN Masterclass: Intricacies and misconceptions of Frontal Lobe Epilepsy

External Event - 25th Feb 2022

Time: 2 - 3pm (GMT)

Online Event

This masterclass presented by Dr. Saleem Malik, "will address the exquisite intricacies of frontal lobe epilepsy, which often can be misdiagnosed as sleep or psychiatric disorder. We shall start with review of peculiarities of craniocerebral anatomy of frontal lobe which represents 40% of total cortical volume. Particular attention will be paid to sub lobar areas which are either buried in cortex or strategically located away from convexity of brain where EEG electrodes are placed. We shall look into why semiological and electrical patterns of frontal lobe epilepsy often lack localizing and lateralizing features, contributing to relatively poor surgical outcomes? We shall review the role of Magnetic Source Imaging and see how higher spatio-temporal resolution of MSI complements Stereo EEG to delineate more accurately three dimension view of seizure propagation. At the end, we shall review few clinical cases and see how MSI is affecting lives of patients in real time."

*The MEGIN Masterclasses content and speakers selected are only for information purposes and MEGIN does not endorse any applications or treatments mentioned. Please note that this webinar is being recorded with the permission of our speaker, and will be available to watch on demand.

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