MEGIN Masterclass: Using MEG to study healthy and unhealthy ageing

External Event - 17th Mar 2022

Time: 8 - 9am (GMT)

Online Event

This Masterclass presented by Rik Henson will discuss, "the Cambridge Centre for Aging and Neuroscience’s CamCAN dataset. This is one of the largest open-access datasets, which includes MEG data collected on nearly 700 adults ranging from 18-88 years. We will discuss a study of how age-related slowing of task-related evoked responses in sensory cortices is mediated by changes in both grey-matter and white-matter, and how resting-state MEG reveals age-related changes in brief microstates (lasting a few hundred milliseconds) that relate to cognition. The session will also cover the BioFIND dataset of resting-state MEG data on 324 people, and how MEG offers complimentary information beyond MRI in distinguishing healthy ageing from Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), a prodromal state of Alzheimer’s Disease."

*The MEGIN Masterclasses content and speakers selected are only for information purposes and MEGIN does not endorse any applications or treatments mentioned. Please note that this webinar is being recorded with the permission of our speaker, and will be available to watch on demand.

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