Migraine: a disorder of excitatory-inhibitory balance in multiple brain networks? Insights from genetic mouse models of the disease

External Event - 28th Oct 2021

Time: 3pm (BST)

Migraine is much more than an episodic headache. It is a complex brain disorder, characterized by a global dysfunction in multisensory information processing and integration. In a third of patients, the headache is preceded by transient sensory disturbances (aura), whose neurophysiological correlate is cortical spreading depression (CSD). The molecular, cellular and circuit mechanisms of the primary brain dysfunctions that underlie migraine onset, susceptibility to CSD and altered sensory processing remain largely unknown and are major open issues in the neurobiology of migraine. Genetic mouse models of a rare monogenic form of migraine with aura provide a unique experimental system to tackle these key unanswered questions. I will describe the functional alterations we have uncovered in the cerebral cortex of genetic mouse models and discuss the insights into the cellular and circuit mechanisms of migraine obtained from these findings.

Speaker: Daniela Pietrobon

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