'Pattern Recognition in Neuroimaging Toolbox' Course

External Event - 1st to 2nd Jun 2017

PRoNTo Courses


UCL provide PRoNTo courses in different locations during the year. See below for the next available courses. These courses aim to introduce pattern recognition and neuroimaging while showing the functionalities available in the toolbox. The course is for all levels and we welcome everyone from experienced researchers to students. The courses now usually take place in two days. The first day introduces the main questions/issues and types of data used in neuroimaging, as well as the theory of pattern recognition methods. In the afternoon, there is also a software demonstration. On the second day, more advanced topics are covered and in the afternoon there is a hands-on session during which participants can use the software to analyse datasets provided.

NEXT COURSE at UCL, London, UK, 1-2 June 2017

  • DATES: 1st and 2nd, June 2017
  • LOCATION: Roberts Building 508, Malet Place, University College London, UK. How to get here.
  • PROGRAMME: The programme is available here.
  • REGISTRATION: The number of places available is limited to 30. The cost of attending the course is £150.00 for researchers and £100.00 for students. Registration is now open! Please register HERE.

Previous Courses

  • 23-24 May 2016, UCL, London, UK.
  • 18-19 May 2015, UCL, London, UK.
  • 19-20 May 2014, UCL, London, UK.
  • 20-21 May 2013, UCL, London, UK.
  • 20-21 March 2013, University of Liege, Belgium.
  • 5 July 2012, UCL, London, UK.
  • 21 May 2011, UCL, London, UK.
  • 24 November 2011, UFABC, Sao Paulo, Brazil.


  • Introduction - 21st May 2012
  • Neuroimaging for Machine Learners: data representation
  • Neuroimaging for Machine Learners: validation and inference - 21st May 2012
  • Neuroimaging for Machine Learners: data resources
  • Machine Learning for Neuroimagers: patter recognition methods - 21st May 2012 part 1 part 2
  • Machine Learning for Neuroimagers: validation and inference - 21st May 2012
  • Machine Learning for Neuroimagers: data resources - 21st May 2012

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