'Mechanisms of Post-Ischemic Brain Adaptation' Webinar

External Event - 31st Aug 2021

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“Mechanisms of Post-Ischemic Brain Adaptation” webinar

This webinar will discuss mechanisms involved in post-ischemic brain adaptation. The knowledge of these mechanisms may provide information to bring light to those molecular pathways involved in brain protection.

In this webinar, speakers will cover points including:

  • Post-ischemic brain remodelling and plasticity, evaluating pathomechanisms contributing to secondary brain injury and searching strategies that promote neurological recovery in the post-acute stroke phase.

  • What is the function of peripheral events in inducing brain tolerance to stroke?

  • The plethora of factors can influence the tolerance phenomenon occurring during pre-and post-conditioning.

  • Why it is important to escape a neuron-centric view and to consider the role of other cell types, including small vessels, in the mechanism of brain adaptation.

This webinar is organised by FENS and hosted on Neuronline, the SfN virtual platform.

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