Reddit AMA with Prof. Roger Lemon

External Event - 20th Jul 2017

Understanding Animal Research has organised a Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’ (AMA) with Prof Roger Lemon on Thursday, 20th July at 3pm BST.

A Reddit AMA session gives registered users of the platform the opportunity to ask the participant any question they desire. An AMA session lasts for at least an hour with the participant answering as many questions as they can. This particular AMA with take place on the Science sub-Reddit which means the questions must be scientifically based i.e. general scientific queries, careers advice, or in-depth questions about the participant’s research.

Roger is a just-retired Professor of Neurophysiology at the Institute of Neurology, UCL. His main research interest is the control of skilled hand movements by the brain and is prompted by the need to understand why hand and finger movements are particularly affected by damage to the cortex, and its major descending pathways, for instance as a result of stroke, spinal injury and motor neuron disease. His experiments involve the use of purpose-bred non-human primates, since these provide the best available model for the human sensorimotor system controlling the hand.

During the AMA session, Roger will be answering questions about his research, and how primates play an important role. If you have a burning question for Roger please consider taking part. If you are not already registered with Reddit you will need to sign up (it’s free). Two hours before the AMA is due to start (a link will be sent out) registered users will be able to post a question. You will also be able to ‘up-vote’ other questions that you think are interesting. If you are not a registered user you will still be able to view the AMA but you won’t be able to submit a question.







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