Sensation Sussex Conference 2021: Perception and Consciousness: From Biological to Computational Approaches

External Event - 7th to 8th Oct 2021

Time: 1pm-5pm (BST) on both days

FREE Online Event

How is what we see affected by what we know, or think we know?  To what extent do our conscious perceptual experiences track sensory data?  The conference will bring together researchers investigating the perception and conciousness from different approaches, namely biological (day one) and computational (day two). The conference also brings together and researchers exploring the relationship between sensing, perception and awareness more generally. 

Day 1 Speakers:

Prof. Liad Mudrik (Tel Aviv University, Israel - Liad Mudrik Lab).

Assoc. Prof. Jaan Aru (University of Tartu, Estonia - Computational Neuroscience Lab).

Prof. Floris de Lange (Radboud University of Nijmegen, Netherlands - Predictive Brain Lab).

Prof. Claire Sergent (Université de Paris, France - Sergent Conciousness Lab).

Prof. Axel Cleeremans (Université libre de Bruxelles, Belgium - CRCN Lab).


Day 2 Speakers:

Dr. Emanuela Maggioni (University College London, UK - Interaction Centre).

Dr. David Plans (University of Exeter, UK - Social Cognition Lab / BioBeats).

Prof. Miguel Nicolelis (Duke University, USA - Nicolelis Lab).

Dr. Timothy Brown (University of Washington, USA - Department of Philosophy).


PhD Student Presentations:

Itay Yaron, Karl Kristjan Kaup, Carla Dance, Giulia Cabbai, and Isabel Maranhão


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