Street Drugs in the Northern Powerhouse Symposium

External Event - 28th Mar 2018

Street Drugs in the Northern Powerhouse Symposium, Manchester

Date of Event: 28th March 2018

Last Booking Date for this Event: 1st March 2018

Description: This symposium will explore the ramifications of legislating against the use of psychoactive drugs and the interaction of drug prohibition with the risks, benefits, and potential clinical applications of “street drugs”. Speakers include:

  • Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell (University of Manchester)
  • Professor David Nutt (Imperial College London)
  • Professor Fiona Measham (Durham University, The Loop)
  • Dr Tim Millar (University of Manchester)

Location: Roscoe Building, Brunswick Street, The University of Manchester, Manchester, M13 9PL

Tickets: £10 for students and concessions, £15 for standard. Iincludes lunch and refreshments, available through the University of Manchester e-store

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