SWC/Gatsby Symposium on Abstraction & Generalisation

External Event - 4th Oct 2019

The students of the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre and Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit are excited to announce a student symposium titled Grounding higher cognition in systems neuroscience: how can we study generalisation and abstraction in rodents? Hallmarks of intelligence, capacities such as generalisation and abstraction have been classically studied only in primates. Working with these species gives easy access to such behaviours, but imposes limitations on how we can access the underlying neural activity. However, recently researchers have begun to adapt experimental tasks to study such cognitive functions in rodents, potentially allowing us to apply state-of-the-art systems neuroscience methods to simultaneously record and manipulate the underlying neural activity. This symposium is meant to serve as a timely opportunity to bring together researchers from related fields to discuss current and future methods for studying the neural underpinnings of these higher cognitive functions.

We are thrilled to have the following speakers and panel members:
Tim Behrens, University of Oxford
Alla Karpova, HHMI Janelia
Irina Higgins, DeepMind
Stefano Fusi, Columbia
Athena Akrami, Sainsbury Wellcome Centre
Christopher Summerfield, University of Oxford

Following the event there will be food, drinks and music!

This event is made possible through the support of the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre.

13:00 – 17:30 BST


Sainsbury Wellcome Centre

25 Howland Street



For more information and to register, click here

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