The Body needs rhythm - let's look at hormones, stress and twitter (Public lecture/Webinar)

BNA Event - 22nd Apr 2020

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Join us for a fantastic public lecture to be delivered by Professor Stafford Lightman FRS (Past-President of the British Neuroscience Association)

Date Time: Apr 22, 2020 03:00 PM London
Conversation with Stafford Lightman FRS

The planet we live on presents us with a constantly changing environment. There is a 24-hour light-dark cycle, a yearly change in seasons, and a monthly lunar and tidal cycle.

Within the human body itself, we also have more rapid oscillations of body biochemistry, hormones, and patterns of nerve firing in circuits in the brain. In the first of our SMQB Conversations, special guest Professor Stafford Lightman will discuss why these oscillations with so many different time-courses are important for human health, with an emphasis on what happens during stress.

He will also discuss how we can use social media to investigate patterns of behaviour in human populations.

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