The Brain Prize Meeting 2019 - Denmark

External Event - 25th to 27th Nov 2019

Title: SILENTLY LOSING THE BRAIN – The enigma of small vessel disease

With international keynote speakers including the 2019 prize winners, The Lundbeck Foundation Brain Prize Meeting aims to bring a broad range of researchers to discuss why small vessel disease has emerged as a major contributor to dementia worldwide.

In a mash-up of emerging clinical and experimental research and researchers this meeting will be the perfect stage for discussing how this up-and-coming field will progress from here.

We hope for participants to build an international network and relationships and to exchange knowledge and ideas.


The Lundbeck Foundation in collaboration with Danish Universities and Danish Society for Neuroscience.


Participants are invited and encouraged to submit one or more abstracts. All PhD students attending are required to submit an abstract. Abstracts dealing with topics outside of the main theme of the meeting are also welcome. All submitted abstracts will be presented as either short oral presentations or poster presentations.

Only abstracts following the abstract template (link) will be assessed.

You can upload your abstract via our registration system, when signing up for the meeting. For questions related to the abstract please contact Louise Bruun at

DEADLINE for abstracts: 25 October 2019

A prize of 2.500 Euros will be awarded for the best presentation – oral or poster.


The meeting is open to junior and senior scientists in the field of basic as well as clinical neuroscience. The number of participants is 120, and we aim at mixing participants as follows: 1/3 PhD students, 1/3 PostDocs, 1/3 senior scientists.


Online on a first come first serve basis – priority will be given to participants submitting an abstract.

Please note that all participants are expected to stay for the entire duration of the meeting. This is important in order to create the opportunities and the time necessary for the participants to build trust and strong relations.

DEADLINE for registration25 October 2019

Shortly after your registration, you will receive an e-mail invoice from the Lundbeck Foundation.

For more information about the meeting, please click here.

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